It’s Never Too Late to Ask for Help

Whether or not you listen to the music, you know who Prince is. One of music’s biggest pop stars of all time, his recent passing made millions mourn. Soon after his death, it was revealed Prince’s death resulted from a drug overdose. Throughout his career, Prince never used drugs, advocated against them, and refused to let his bandmates use them to excess. The sad story of Prince proves that addiction can happen to anyone.

Details around Prince’s Death

According to E! OnlinePrince's-death, Prince took the stage in Atlanta on April 14, 2016 and apologized for having missed two concerts the week before. He explained how he was feeling sick, and to “wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” One week later, on April 21, Prince was found dead in his home. Perhaps he knew something then about his failing health or about his possible addiction to painkillers.

While still all speculation, due to official autopsy reports still withheld, evidence strongly suggests Prince had a hidden addiction to pain medication. According to Time Magazine, Percocet, OxyContin and Tylenol were found in Prince’s body. Also, on April 15, Prince’s plane reportedly made an emergency landing to administer Narcan to him, as he had overdosed on Fentanyl.

Further, CBS reports that Prince was scheduled to meet with an opioid addiction treatment specialist on April 21, the day of his death. The specialist’s name is Dr. Howard Kornfeld, but the doctor was busy that day and sent his son Andrew Kornfeld in his place. Andrew Kornfeld ended up being the one to dial 911.

Lessons to be Learned

Stories like Prince’s probably (unfortunately) occur every day. When it happens to an iconic celebrity, more people tend to pay attention. Aside from being an award-winning artist, Prince was an addict. It is still not yet known how he received the drugs, much like many parents do not know how their children end up with drugs. Prince hid his addiction from his loved ones, much like most addicts do. The important thing to remember here is that this can happen to anyone. Nobody expected Prince to die of a drug overdose, especially due to his hardworking, sober lifestyle presented to us during most of his career. Maybe you are an addict who needs help and nobody knows. It’s time to speak up.

You may have heard of Aerosmith, a band with several huge hits, led by singer Steven Tyler. Prince and Tyler were close friends. In an article for People Magazine, Tyler speaks of Prince’s death and the possible addiction surrounding it: “I had no idea that he was taken to the hospital because he took too much of something.” Tyler later goes on to say, “…the only way to stop me from crying is to say, ok maybe Prince died so others can live.”

What a beautiful sentiment. Let Prince’s Death be a lesson to always speak up about any and all addiction in your life. Help is available for just about every sort of addiction out there. Don’t bottle up something that needs attention. Nobody that loves you wants to lose you.

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