For years you have been mixed up in a world of drugs and alcohol. You’ve fueled this disease and caused chaos in your life and the lives of your loved one. Now you have recognized the damage it has caused and you want better for yourself and those who you love. This is an amazing thing, you have taken the first step in your recovery and there is a healthy life filled with happiness ahead of you.

You Get Back What You Put In

If there was a magic fix for all that’s bad in this world, everyone would jump at it. In reality there is not, to fix the bad we must put work into it. This goes with your recovery too. You get back what you put in. If you do not want to commit yourself to your sobriety then you can not expect your life to get any better. From this point forward you must give 100% of yourself to create a healthier and happier life for yourself in recovery.

Understanding Your Addiction

Many people expect that they will be cured of addiction by going through a treatment program. They are clouded by the misconception that there is a cure. Unfortunately there is not, to stay in recovery you must constantly maintain your sobriety. To do so you must understand your addiction. This means sitting through hours of educational lectures, therapy and counseling sessions. There you will gain the knowledge and know how to maintain your sobriety in your day to day life.

Maintaining Your Sobriety

sobriety-and-healthEach day of your life will require maintenance to ensure your sobriety. While it gets easier in time, you can not forget you are an addict and need self care to stay on top of this disease. Whether it is going to an AA or NA meeting or having a conversation with a friend in recovery, you need to keep working to stay sober, to have the end result of health and happiness in your recovery.

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