Addiction is known as a family disease. This is because its effects not only on the addict themselves, but on those closest to them. Family and friends often bear the brunt of the effects of an addict, their lives too will spin out of control as they watch someone they live continue to kill themselves with drugs and alcohol.

Where it Starts

You may feel that you have done a good job at hiding your addiction from your friends and family but before long they will begin to figure things out. Whether it is long nights out, missing important business meetings, blowing off a kid’s soccer game or distancing yourself from your spouse, they feel it and sense that something is not right with you. Before long there is no covering up what is going on, those closest to you are fully aware of your addiction and begin to fight to help you.

Like many others you won’t see this as them wanting to help you, it may seem like everyone is against you and you will only pull away further. You haven’t accepted that you’re an addict yet so what do they know.

The Emotional Burden

You are loved! And because you are loved your addiction is placing a great emotional burden on your friends and family. They worry for your healthy and safety, wishing no harm will come to you when you’re using or drinking that pint of vodka. While you are out binging in your own world of drug and alcohol abuse, they are home praying that you get home safely.
You behaviors towards your loved ones will change, you will be jaded because they just want you sober and right now all you want is to drink and get high. You may lash out in anger, possibly get physical when you just don’t want to hear them any more. You words and actions are hurting each and every person who loves you, but you don’t see it and continue to push them away.

Financial Strain

When you are an addict you’re not worried about making next month’s mortgage payment, you just need to be sure you have enough cash to buy a bottle or get your next fix. You may beg, borrow and steal from your friends and family. You leave them to clean up the financial mess you have created for yourself and your family. You may face legal troubles, requiring lawyers that cost a pretty penny, only adding to the financial burden you have placed on your family.

Enough is Enough

After time the mental, emotional and physical pain your addiction has caused for your family and friends will leave them saying ‘enough is enough’. They may begin to back away, they still love you but they also love themselves are realize that your addiction is killing them along with you.
This is the point where many people like yourself are faced with a true reality; keep using and destroying your life further or to hear the people who love you that you need help! Yes, you need help! There is no way to take back all the wrong doings you have done to your family and friends but it is possible to heal, for them to forgive you and for you to start your recovery. You have to recognize that this addiction is destroying you, and your loved ones, and to accept the help that is right in front of you. Leave your addiction in the past and start your recovery today.

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